How to block your number

How to Block your Number?

How to block your number. Blocking or hiding your number is the safest option to keep the scammers away. You might have observed that you receive many calls from people you do not know, or even you receive a lot of robocalls.

So, when it happens, and how do such people get your number? Rather than making it complicated, the answer to this question is simple. Whenever you call a place, whether to place an online order for food or any other purpose. Your number gets stored in the database.

It is easy for scammers or auto-call generators to get your number. Most of the time, scammers intentionally purchase the number from the database. If you are one of those who gets a lot of unknown calls and interrupts your daily routine, you don’t have to worry further about this issue.

To avoid this issue, you can hide or block your number whenever you call any agency or an unknown place. It will keep your number private as well as the receiver will not track your number. Even your number will not be visible on the receiver’s phone.

If you are new to this and do not know how to block your number, then nothing to worry about, as the mentioned tricks will be going to be helpful for you.

Tactics to Block Your Number

If you are new to this thing, then these tips will help you in this respect.

o   Dialing *67 will be Helpful

It is the simplest and standard way to hide your number while you call someone from your number. What you need to do is dial *67 before the number you are dialing. When the receiver receives the call, your number will appear as a private or unknown number.

The person will not get any hint about your number. This method will not charge you to do so before dialing any number.

o   Use your Phone’s Default Blocking Option

No matter which mobile user you are, whether android or iPhone. Your phone provides an opportunity to block your number while you call someone else. It depends on which model you are using, and you need to do a little search about how it works on your phone.

o   Contact Helpline to Block Your Number

If you can still figure out how to block your number, then an easy way for you is to contact the helpline. Discuss your issue with them and ask them to hide your number whenever you make a call. You can avail this opportunity without any trouble.

o   Use a Number Blocking App

Lastly and yet the most straightforward way, use relevant apps for this purpose. You can find a lot of apps in this respect that can help. You only have to learn how that app will work on your phone, and you can use it safely to hide your number.

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