How to update bios

How to Update BIOS?

How to update bios. BIOS or Basic Input/Output System is your computer’s built-in software whose function is to boot your system. Updating the BIOS time-to-time is suitable for efficient performance and proper working of your computer. BIOS is embedded in your computer as a motherboard chip, and it functions as it improves your PC’s functionality.  

Updating the BIOS is a safer option rather than installing a new one into your system. At the same time, updating the BIOS is a straightforward task. You can easily update the BIOS on your computer. Although it does not cause any trouble while updating, you also have to be careful.

Few simple steps will help you quickly update the BIOS on your PC. The BIOS update primarily depends on two main steps: downloading the BIOS file and then updating it. You can easily update it on your PC by following these steps:

How to Download and update  BIOS File on Your PC?

You can download the BIOS file on your computer with the help of few simple steps:

        Start your computer, and on the bottom left corner, you will see a search bar next to the windows logos.

        Click here and search for “msinfo,” and a System Information option will appear. Open this by clicking on it.

        When you open the system information, search for the system model. It is necessary for the BIOS update file.

        After this, select the BIOS version number and copy it to the clipboard.

        Paste it in Google and search for the relevant link.

        Now, find the BIOS file, and start downloading it.

        The file is now ready to update.

How to Update  BIOS File?

Once you downloaded the file, it is now ready to install and update.

o   Prepare your Computer for the Update

Make sure when you decide to make an update, your computer must be connected to a good connection. Because once the update starts and if your computer is turned off in the middle, it will be useless and can cause damage to your computer.

o   Extract the File

Start with extracting the file you downloaded. Right-click on the file, and there you will see extract all options. Click on it and extract the complete file.

o   Plug the USB Device and Copy the BIOS File

Now plug the USB device in your computer and copy that file content to the USB. For further access, it is a crucial step to follow.

o   Access and Backup the BIOS File

After copying it to the USB, restart your computer, and as soon as your computer starts. You will see a prompt option to start. Click on it and allow the updates to start. If a backup file option appears on the screen, allow that because all the BIOS updates do not provide that option.

o   Enable and Allow to Update bios

By doing this, you are allowing your computer to start the update. It will automatically update the Bios, and your computer will start working efficiently.

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