How to make egg fried rice

How to cook an egg fried rice

Egg fried rice in its supreme, most flawless structure only contains eggs, rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, onions and is one of the easiest pan-sears around. However, similar to every basic food like pizza, barbecued cheddar, a broiled chicken mash, it’s the subtleties of the cycle that hoist its essential fixings into something delicious.
Egg fried rice implies light, singular grains of rice with the perfect equilibrium of its flavor and delicacy, light-colored fluffy eggs, and the discreet exquisite fragrance of cooked sauces used and onions.

You have to note that this dish cooks super quickly, so you have to ensure that you have everything prepared before you start.
You ought to have your boiled rice on a plate with any massive clusters separated by hand. Yours should also have oil and sauces to be readily available with your onions perfectly diced and fluff of eggs.
Let us move towards the recipe steps:

7 Steps to cook egg fried rice

Step 1:

Preheat the wok or pan in which you are about to make the egg-fried rice. Bring your hand near the to check the heat of the pan. It should be at an optimized temperature.

Step 2:

Add enough oil to cook the beaten fluff of eggs. Cook them to a golden brown texture and mash them, giving them a scrambled shape rather than keeping them in an omelet form. Please make sure not to overcook eggs because they will get chewy and won’t give a good taste.

Step 3:

Remove the eggs to a plate. Then add oil to the pan and saute your diced onions. Do not turn them dark brown because it will give a burnt taste.
Make sure it gets translucent.

Step 4 to make egg fried rice

Add boiled rice to the pan and stir fry it thoroughly. Make sure the rice gets combined entirely with the flavor of onions. Once done, it’s time now to season and adds some flavor to it.

Step 5 to make egg fried rice

You will add soy sauce simultaneously with little oil dripping on the edges of the pan. It would help in avoiding the burning and sticking of rice grains.
After soy sauce, you can add a pinch of Chinese salt. It’s optional due to the presence of gluten in it. So it’s up to you.

Step 6:

You have to add a little bit of black pepper and a hint of vinegar but diluted. It will increase the flavor and reduce the intensification of the vital essence of soy sauce.

Step 7:

Stir fry the rice at a high flame to cook it thoroughly. And then dish it out on a platter big enough to take in the quantity of rice you cooked.
Garnish it with some finely chopped green onions if you like, and voila! There you go with a classic recipe of egg-fried rice.

Important note:

It would be better if the rice is pre-cooked well before time. Much better if refrigerated in a closed container. Trust me, it will cook more quickly and will look more beautiful. So in case you want to serve right away, you will have stock back in the refrigerator, and you can do it on time as demanded.

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