How to open RAR files?

How to open RAR files?

In the following article, we get to know about How to open RAR files? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Method One to open RAR files

Double-click the .rar format file that needs to be opened, and an operation box will pop up at this time, as shown in the figure below. Select “Unzip to” in the menu bar.


Select “After decompression,” it will pop up a setting to open the storage place of the rar file and so on. Select the storage location, open method, etc., after decompression. Then click “Confirm.”


Then start the opening process. After the decompression is complete, you can see the decompressed folder in the selected storage location.

Method Two to open RAR files


Select the rar file that needs to be opened with the mouse, and right-click the menu bar. You can see three ways of decompression, as shown in the figure below. Introduce separately below.


If you select “Unzip file…”, the unzip option box will pop up, and you can modify the storage location and change the method of the unzip file. After modification, click Confirm. After opening the rear format file, it will be in the designated storage location.


If you select “Extract to current file,” the files in the rar file package will be extracted to the location where the compressed packet is stored.


If you select “Extract to (rar format file name),” the rar will be opened, and a file with the raw format file name will be generated at the location where the compressed package is stored.

How to open Rar files

RAR is a patented file format used for data compression and archive packaging. The zip format is similar to it, which can be opened with a dedicated tool. The most commonly used is WinRAR, but this is a paid software, although it can be free. Yes, but I will keep popping up charge reminders to bother you.

Of course, the WinRAR decompression tool also has some free decompression tools available, such as 7zip, fast compression, excellent compression, etc. The general decompression tools can decompress compressed files in multiple formats, such as standard rar and zip. After installing the decompression software, as long as you right-click the rar file, you can see several decompression-related options in the right-click menu, including “decompression file,” “decompression to current folder,” and “decompression to (file name).” The last one will unzip the packaged file into a folder named after the file name.

Use a decompression tool to decompress the RAR file. There is another situation: sometimes, the file downloaded from the Internet is in raw format, but it cannot be used, and the icon is also an unrecognizable file type. In this case, rename the file and add the suffix “.rar” at the end to decompress it usually.

Modifying the suffix can be used. Decompression is an operation that is often used in computer use. Therefore, it is also necessary to install a decompression tool on the computer. With it, any compressed file is no longer a problem.

How to open Rar files in the Window system

  1. Download all compressed packages to the same path in sequence, and rename them to 1.rar, 2.rar, 3.rar.
  2. Double-click the first file, namely 1.rar, the system automatically invokes the WinRAR software and opens 1.rar;
  3. Click the “Extract to” button and select the save path. WinRAR will automatically find 2.rar, 3.rar, and the following compressed packages for decompression.

What I have introduced above is how to open compressed files and open sub-volume compressed files. Here is a brief introduction to how to compress files. Compressed files and decompressed files are the reverse processes. The methods are as follows:

Please proceed as follows:

  1. So, open the folder to be compressed, click to select the file to be compressed (press the Ctrl key to select multiple);
  2. However, right-click the selected file to pop up a menu;
  3. Click “Add to compressed file (A).”;


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