How to uninstall apps on mac

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac?

How to uninstall apps on mac. You may want to delete an app from your mac for any reason, whether you run out of storage or do not need that app anymore. It is possible to easily remove, uninstall or delete an app permanently from your Mac.

It does not matter whether you downloaded it directly from the internet or the app store. You can remove it whenever you want. It does not require a lot of steps to follow to delete an app on Mac. You can delete the apps in two different ways, using the launchpad or the finder.

Both methods are convenient and help you easily uninstall any app you do not want to use.

Uninstall Apps Using the Launchpad

This method is quick and the easiest. Also, you do not have to follow any technical steps to delete an app using the Launchpad on Mac.

1-     Open the launchpad in your mac to delete the app you want to uninstall. You can find the launchpad in Dock or the application folder in your mac.

2-     When you open the launchpad, you will see a list of apps you have already installed on your Mac. Find the app you want to remove.

3-     You can also search the relevant app on the search bar on the top corner of your screen and can easily reach the app you want to remove.

4-     As soon as you find that app, hold it for a couple of seconds.

5-     A cross sign will appear right on the top of the app.

6-     Click on that cross, and it will remove the app permanently.

7-     Also, remember that you cannot delete any built-in app from your mac. You can only delete those apps you have installed from the App store.

Uninstalling Apps Using the Finder

Deleting or uninstalling an app from the finder is also a convenient way to remove an app permanently. To delete an app from finder, what you need to do is:

1-     Find the app you want to delete in the Finder. You can easily search for an app in the search section and delete it within few steps.

2-     Now that you found the app, drag it to the trash section.

3-     Once you move it to the trash, it will be automatically deleted from your mac.

4-     If any app requires a password or username, then do not hesitate to add it. Once you add it, the app will be removed anyway, and it is only a requirement.

5-     Lastly, empty the trash folder, and the app will be permanently removed.

You can reinstall the app at any time. uninstall apps on mac still provides you an opportunity to install them whenever you want. Besides, if you have signed up for any subscription, uninstalling will not remove that subscription. Your subscription will continue whether you uninstall an app. If you want to end any subscription through that open, you must contact the support center of that app.

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